Deevvi - Device Detector Service

The all-in-one tool you need for gathering details about your site visitors, without spending a fortune for this.

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Our Detection Stats

15 ms* takes a /parse request

*average server side latency.

Over 350 brands

from all over the world detected by our platform.

More than 220 bots types

to know when your website is indexed by search engines or has unwanted guests.

Over 150 browser types

but also over 10 browser engines grouped in more than 10 browser families.

More than 80 OS types

organized in over 20 distinct operating systems families.

Over 30 mobile apps

to be able to determine when your content is going to become viral.

Over 20 feed readers

to know exactly when your site is web syndicated.

Over 10 device types

from phones to tables, from cars to TVs, from cameras to consoles.

Use cases

Content tailored to the customer's device

Whether we discuss about adapting media files or browsing content, we'll help you to impress your visitors from the first visit by offering in a matter of milliseconds all details to harmonize the interaction with the customer's gadget.

Determine suitable artifacts for visitor’s platform

If your application offers artifacts to download that are specific to each platform, then Deevvi is what you need to correctly identify what version suits the best the customer's platform.

Advertising and targeting

In order to hit the most legitimate audience, you should harness as many details as possible from all data you are able to collect from your visitors. After that, Deevvi is the perfect choice to help you transforming these data into valuable decision makers for your business.

Network optimization

Having a set of instructions that could help to prioritise an important request and delay for a while or a web crawler or reject a bot could make your users happier. We are ready to offer you all the info you need to efficiently exploit all your available resources.


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Updates we want to share with you

  • ● 29 Sept 2018 - Database updated with 10 new brands

  • ● 30 Jul 2018 - Wordpress plugin for Deevvi is now available

  • ● 23 Jul 2018 - Database device update

  • ● 15 Jul 2018 - Deevvi is GDPR compliant

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